The standard 78 tarot cards are influenced by contemporary art. It is the coexistence between the ancient and the modern world.

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Crypto Universe Tarot

Artist / Creator / Author : Ekkanat Thiansetthakun

The “Crypto Universe Tarot” is one of the art projects by an artist, Ekkanat Thiansetthakun. The artist believes in spirituality as he has previously encountered personal experiences with the supernatural since childhood. This becomes the source of his interest in the supernatural. Astrology is also another matter that he is interested in. Since there are often questions about past lives, the present, and the future, and the origins of the stories involved and the results. Tarot cards are one part where he discovered that people in the past had the idea of seeking answers to different subjects as the artist became interested. Previous generations have created tools for predictions and answering various questions, which, in turn, become the form of tarot cards.

Other than being used for astrological predictions, another important matter is using artistic illustrations to convey different stories on the card. Each deck of cards becomes more valuable other than having astrological value, it is also aesthetic as well. 

As per mentioned, Ekkanat Thiansetthakun is a contemporary style-influenced artist. So, he created his tarot card deck known as “Crypto Universe Tarot.”  By bringing the stories of tarot cards’ predictions, he interprets them into his form of work. He used traditional solid line cutting which comes from the woodcut prints. These are real woodcut works that are made into digital files and color using a computer graphics program. The colors used are the ones used in the European Middle Ages era which are both magical and intriguing. It is also attractive and harmonized with the lines of woodcut print. The content of all card images is intertwined with various cultures. For tarot cards, everything is connected whether it is a matter of belief, philosophy, principles, beliefs regarding life, death, spirituality, life after death, or predictions. Moreover, the similarities of humans are no different in terms of love, anger, greed, sacrifice, merit, sin, desire, or belief, regardless of race. 

In addition, the “CRYPTO UNIVERSE TAROT” set is also “contemporary” by symbolizing digital currency. “Cryptocurrency” represents an exchange that has value in the modern era and is seen as a representative of innovation that will change the world in the future. Bringing Cryptocurrency to use in each card to show “the coexistence of the ancient world and the

modern world” and show the connection between “beliefs in astrology that co-exist inseparably with the digital world.”  In other words, the word “Crypto” is encryption, and the word “Universe” represents the universe. When these two words are merged and used from the point of view of belief in the origin world, it can be compared to each human who is born encoded. This also includes genetics, nationalities, IQ, and race. Each individual must find their own goals and meaning in life. But in some other matters, if incidents have been determined, it must inevitably be followed. Therefore, the “CRYPTO UNIVERSE TAROT” set is a work of art. It is a piece of “applied art” in which the artist sees that art, beliefs, way of life, and spirituality are all connected. Things that express beliefs conveyed in those works are all found in tarot cards. This set of tarot cards is about the nature of physical and spiritual energy. In addition, this set of cards is a card that emphasizes “Financial Energy.” Other than the financial energy and investment, the content will also include human identity, love, health, situations, and various events. Various mysterious energies can also be told according to the special senses of the card reader. This is according to the “ultimate pattern” of all 78 tarot cards.



The Majors

Cryptocurrency coins used in the “CRYPTO UNIVERSE TAROT” set of cards derived from the main concept which is that the drawing of each card is different. For all 22 Major Arcana cards, the first card is drawn from a random drawing. It uses the sense of the artist to bet on which coin each card will pair with using Cryptocurrency coins. It uses the top 21 highest-value Cryptocurrency  in the market. The artist takes the risk and randomizes the number.

The Minors

For all 56 Minor Arcana cards, the artist will start drawing from the “PENTACLES” card by drawing from the “KING of PENTACLES” card to the “ACE of PENTACLES” chronologically. The “KING of PENTACLES” and “ACE of PENTACLES” will use Cryptocurrency coins from the order of highest value. The next sequence will follow according to the value in descending order.

eknat cryptouniverse tarot nft art

The “Wands” set of cards are drawn from “KING of WANDS” to “ACE of WANDS” and feature Cryptocurrency coins. The value is next to the PENTACLES set.

eknat cryptouniverse tarot nft art

The “CUPS” set of cards is drawn from “ACE of CUPS” to “KING of CUPS,” it contains the next-value Cryptocurrency coin from the SWORDS set.

The “SWORDS” set of cards are drawn from “KING of SWORDS” to “ACE of SWORDS” and have Cryptocurrency coins with the value next to the WANDS set.

Black Tarot

The Cards

The Crypto Universe Tarot collection cards, released in 2021, were previously published as tarot cards. The first version had a guidebook in the Thai language  and was sold only in Thailand (The first edition is now sold out.) To publish the second edition, we would like to printing and translate the guidebook into English for the international collectors

Cards , Box  and Guidebook

– A standard tarot deck of 78 cards , consisting of 22 Major cards and 56 Minor cards.

– Card size is 7 x 12 centimeters.

– The cards contain a white frame.

– 350 gsm card paper with a matte coating 

– A small, portable guidebook in the box, printed in color.

– Free PDF manual with more detailed content than the manual in the box.

– Hard box with 2 separate opening lids

About Artist

Ekkanat Thiansetthakun

Ekkanat Thiansetthakun , Thai Artist

Style of Art ​: Contemporary , Surrealism 

เทคนิค : Woodcut  , Digital art , Photography , Painting

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